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About North Lauderdale


North Lauderdale is a compact city, in the center of Broward County, which is in the center of South Florida, an area that – at least economically speaking – is the center of the Americas. This pivotal location makes North Lauderdale a community rich in diversity. Our 42,000 residents have come from all over the world to secure a place in the sun, stake a claim in South Florida’s vibrant economy and build a future for their children. And as you’ll see, our future looks promising. .

The City is coming together creating a more vibrant economic future by cultivating economic diversity, enhancing training and re-development opportunities.  We have two (2) opportunities for you to participate.  Click here to take a quick survey or attend the visioning workshop  on Thursday, June 28th, at Champions Hall, 6601 Blvd of Champions  6:00 – 8:00 PM as we plan and focus on redevelopment opportunities, aesthetics and quality of life for our residents and business.

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