Community Sustainability Board


To act in an advisory capacity to the governing body, for the express purpose of supporting and facilitating programs to encourage the sustainability of the residential and business community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Pursue new business opportunities Assist local businesses to enhance their existing conditions and roles within the City and the business environment of the county Identify and recognize parts of the municipality as outstanding examples of desirable community appearance in accordance with the community appearance awards program. Coordination of volunteers for the purpose of implementing and maintaining a community garden


Five (5) members appointed by the City Commission for three (3) year terms


  • Local business owners
  • Include a real estate professional, banking/finance professional, business owner/operator or owner/manager of commercial/industrial property, architect/engineering professional or general contractor
  • Person(s) knowledgeable in the field of agriculture, gardening or horticulture

Meeting Schedule:

Once a month-time, day of the week and location to be determined