City Donations

The City Commission values and recognizes the importance of community programs, services and events that:

  1. Advance Commission adopted goals, City-wide policies and the City's strategic planning.
  2. Promote the City of North Lauderdale
  3. Support non-profit organizations or other organizations serving the community
  4. Are held for the general economic benefit of North Lauderdale's diverse business and cultural communities
  5. Support the City's community and/or planning and neighborhood objectives.  The Commission      desires to provide clear direction to the City Manager and departments so that the City exercises fair and equitable treatment of parties seeking Donation or support from the City, and documents any services received in an appropriate agreement.  Funding will be budgeted yearly by the City Commission with the first-year funds of $2,500 available.
This Policy/Procedure (Policy) provides the basis for the use of donations for such programs, services or events. The Commission adopted the Ordinance establishing the City’s donation policy to improve transparency and accountability in the use of donated funding. Under the Ordinance, the following is hereby publicly disclosed and provided:

List of organizations and programs that have received funding:
Organization Programs Funding Amount
Burnham Woods Residential Association Cultural Celebration $500.00