Code Violation Process

A homeowner violation, or homeowners association violation, can be initiated through a number of ways. A Code Officer can observe a violation.  An anonymous citizen can report the suspected violation or other City departments and entities, including police officers, Public Works employees, City Commissioners or the City Manager's Office can report suspected violations.  

All complaints are inspected and verified by a Code Officer. If a violation(s) exists, the Code Officer takes further action toward obtaining voluntary compliance.

If you receive a Warning Notice:
A Warning Notice may be left, hand delivered or mailed to the resident. The Warning Notice explains the type of violation, specifies the number of days a property owner has in order to bring the property into compliance, and information about consequences of a violation not being addressed. Once a violation is corrected by the property owner, the property owner must schedule a re-inspection with the Code Compliance Division. If the Code Officer determines the violation has been properly satisfied, the violation is documented as COMPLIED. No other action is taken against the property owner.

If you are unwilling to correct the violation:
If a property owner fails to meet the requirements prescribed on the violation, and within the time provided, the Code Compliance Division can take legal action.

  1. Summons to appear before the Code Enforcement Board, the Special Magistrate or a county court with a maximum fine of $250 per day, per violation, can be imposed.
  2. If a lien has been imposed, the lien will continue to accumulate DAILY until the property is brought into compliance.
  3. Once a property owner has taken steps to correct a violation, they must call the Code Compliance Division to schedule a re-inspection. If a Code Officer determines the violation has been properly satisfied, the violation is documented as complied.  
  4. Only after a Code Officer documents that a property has been properly brought into compliance will a lien stop accumulating.

If a lien has been imposed and subsequently brought into compliance after the fact:
In order to determine the total cost of a lien/settlement a property owner must request a lien search followed by a lien settlement request.

  1. Request a lien search be conducted by the City Clerk's Office. The fee is $45 per folio number.
  2. If the results of the lien search return NO ACTIVE CODE VIOLATIONS OR OPEN PERMITS, only then can a property owner request lien settlement. The lien settlement request fee is $55.