Lien Mitigation Program

In April 2010, the City of North Lauderdale initiated a Code Enforcement Order Mitigation Pilot Program. With the number of Code Enforcement Liens growing, City officials recognized a need for establishing an opportunity for those applicants who do not accept the Administration's recommendation to be heard by the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate through a formal hearing process. City Commissioners' considered the program advantageous to the City's goals and thus extended the program for an additional three years in November 2011.  

A party seeking mitigation of daily fines, or penalty fees, accrued through a code enforcement lien must submit a written application to the Code Compliance Division.

A formal application with a non-refundable application fee, of $250, must be submitted to initiate the process. 

All code enforcement violations related to the recorded lien must be cured and the property must be in compliance for the application to be considered.  The Administration then takes into account the following factors while negotiating the lien settlements;

  • The gravity of the violation
  • Actions taken by the applicant to correct the violation(s)
  • Whether there were previous violations committed by the applicant
  • The cost-if any, upon the applicant to correct the violation(s)
  • Whether the applicant was given reasonable time to correct the violation(s)
  • The current value of the property compared to the amount of the lien
  • The time and incurred cost(s) by the City to get the code violation(s) corrected
  • Documentation of compliance date if different from when originally calculated
  • Whether the property is owner-occupied or investment property
  • Other factors not taken into account previously 

To download a Request For A Fine Or Lien Mitigation form, click here.

For more information about the Code Enforcement Lien Mitigation Program, please contact the Code Compliance Division at 954-724-0878.