Top 10 Code Violations

Every property owner must maintain the right-of-way (swales) as well as not allowing lawn grass to become overgrown. Water properties go all the way to the water's edge.

JUNK, TRASH & DEBRIS2.Junk__trash_yard
Junk, trash and debris cannot be stored or left unprotected from the elements on the property. This includes auto parts, appliances, furniture, building material, tires and trash. Trash includes, but is not limited to, cardboard, plastics, tree trimmings and fallen limbs.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES3.Commercial_Vehicles
Generally, commercial equipment and commercial vehicles may not be parked or stored in a residential area unless they are within a fully enclosed structure except when such vehicle is being used in the actual and active pursuance of an activity for which it is intended.

Must be installed with a permit and be kept in good condition.

CONDITIONS OF STRUCTURES5.Conditions_of_Structures
The maintenance of a structure is the responsibility of the property owner. Any wood, siding, shingles, roof coverings, railings, fences, walls, ceilings, porches, doors, windows, screens and other exterior parts of the home must be maintained in weather tight, rodent proof, sound condition and in good repair.

OUTDOOR STRUCTURE6.Outdoor_storage
Outdoor storage is prohibited. Any equipment, material or furnishings that would not be used outdoors may not be stored outdoors. Examples include: indoor furniture, household appliances or auto parts. Building materials may be stored outside if a the owner has a valid building permit for the construction.

ILLEGAL STRUCTURES7.Illegal_structures
Structures that have been added to the interior or exterior building without proper permits are illegal, regardless or how long they have existed. Any construction done without a permit is automatically an unsafe structure.

Most businesses are not allowed to operate in residential areas because they disrupt the residents and the community. Car and boat repairs, furniture making and other activities not normally carried on in a residential district are prohibited. Engaging in a business requires an occupational license.

A) Parking vehicles for sale on the City right-of-ways or parking in a swales area not facing the same direction as the flow of traffic are subject to fines. Any person who parks in a manner that obstructs pedestrian traffic on sidewalk shall also be subject to fines. Parking an unregistered vehicle on private outside of a garage requires a permit. this permit must be visibly displayed at the address and the vehicle shall not be driven on any street or right-of-way. Only one vehicle per household is eligible for this permit. Permit cost $25. All temporary parking permits expire September 30 of each year. If the car is driven on a public right-of-way the permit is void. For more details, call 954-724-0878 or 954-724-7069.

B) All vehicles shall be parked on a hard, dustless surface. (i.e. concrete, pavers, asphalt or a gravel surface. The gravel surface must be approved in writing by the community Development Director and must meet minimum design criteria established and approved by City Commission Resolution. Gravel cannot be used in the swales area nor to encroach on adjacent lawn, sidewalks, driveways or other abutting surfaces. For questions about other regulations, please call 954-724-0878.


The city has parking provisions for boats, R/V's and commercial vehicles in residential areas. For more information, please call 924-724-0878.