Alarm Registration

The City of North Lauderdale’s Alarm Ordinance requires that each alarm system (residential and non-residential) be registered with the City. The initial registration fee for an alarm system is $25.00. The registration requires a $10 renewal fee with the City each April if you have had four (4) or more false alarm calls during the year, otherwise the annual fee is waived.

To download an Alarm Registration form, click here.

False Alarms & Service Fees

False alarm means the activation of an alarm through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation, the negligence of an alarm user, or any other cause which results in a proper police response wherein it is subsequently determined that no emergency, criminal activity, or attempted criminal activity occurred at the location of the response.

False alarms requiring the police to respond constitute a public nuisance. An alarm that is responded to by the police shall be presumed to be false unless there is evidence to the contrary. The alarm user shall be subject to the following service fees for each false alarm to which the police respond in a registration period:

 Number of False Alarms  Service Fee for Each False Alarm
 False alarm of an unregistered alarm  $50
 1 -3  None
4-5 $25
6-7 $50
 8 or more $75
 20 or more Revocation of alarm system