The Citizen Self-Service portal will allow you to monitor online the status of your Permit Application, Reviews, Inspection Scheduling/Results and apply for permits. The web site is live, updating information as it is entered. You will need to set up a User Name and Password. We recommend using your primary e-mail address as username. After registering, your account must be linked to your City Customer Identification Number (CID) in order to submit permits online, this can be done by contacting

Once entered, you will be on the Search Results which will show the location (address), name of the owner/contractor, parcel number, status (Active, Completed, Expired, Denied, Entered in Error or Hold). The reference number is your Permit or Application number. Click on “Show active Application only” or “Show unperformed Inspections only”. Then click on “Details”. The next screen allows you to pick one of three (3) choices: “View Application information; View Issue Alerts or View Plan Reviews”. Additionally, Fees are shown and the inspections necessary to Close your permit. If you click on “Details” under Inspections, you will see the Inspections and status. If you choose Plan Reviews, the screen will show Status of your review and the date it was completed.

Please refer to the North Lauderdale Citizen Self-Service User Manual here for specific E-Permit instructions.

To access the City of North Lauderdale’s Citizen Self-Service for E-Permitting click here.


  • Conduct Code Violation inquiries
  • Apply for business license
  • Conduct business license inquiries
  • Make credit or debit card payments

For more information, please contact the Community & Development Department at (954)724-7069.