Go Solar

The Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Challenge is a U.S. Department of Energy grant-funded program that makes it easier for Broward County residents and businesses to convert to solar energy, by reducing the cost and wait time associated with the installation process for photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar systems.


Solar energy has long-term economic and environmental benefits, but the traditional application and permitting process for PV systems, which varies across Broward's 31 municipalities, can be a barrier to those interested in retrofitting their home or business for increased energy efficiency.

Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge removes that barrier by offering home and business owners and/or their contractors, who reside in participating cities, a streamlined, online application system with standardized fees, single inspection protocol and uniform interconnection to utility systems.

According to the DOE a residential rooftop solar PV system is less than approximately 10kW and a small commercial system is less than approximately 300kW.

Broward County is one of only 22 government in the nation to receive funding for the SunShot program. Several state and local organizations are also participating in the program, including Florida Power & Light, Broward County School Board, Broward League of Cities, Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals, State Office of Energy and the Florida Solar Energy Center.