City of North Lauderdale
701 SW 71 Avenue
North Lauderdale, FL 33068

For the North Lauderdale Housing Authority meeting dates and times, please contact the City's Community Development Department at 954-724-7069 option 3.

The creation of the Housing Authority provides a venue for participation in programs by citizenry.

North Lauderdale Housing Authority was created on June 24, 1993 for the purpose of supporting programs that will protect the housing stock in the City of North Lauderdale and to coordinate these activities with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. During recent years, the Housing Authority Board recognized that there existed vacant and abandoned properties and there was a need for affordable housing. These strides were taken to create affordable housing opportunities and to adopt property maintenance and code enforcement standards.

The primary goal of the Housing Authority is to promote affordable standard housing within the City for residents.

The North Lauderdale Housing Authority's boundaries are the same as the City of North Lauderdale's boundaries.

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