Planning & Zoning Board

Planning and Zoning services include the creation of and the modification to the City ordinances that regulate development within the City, and the review of all plans for new development or modifications to existing development for compliance with the City's applicable ordinances.

The purpose of Planning and Zoning is to establish and enforce development criteria such as setbacks, building heights, landscaping, and signs, to assure that the City of North Lauderdale's appearance is preserved.

All plans for development, whether it be a new building, the modification of or addition to an existing building, the addition of items such as swimming pools, fences and screens, and signs, require the review and approval of Planning and Zoning prior to the application for a building permit.

City of North Lauderdale Land Use map

City of North Lauderdale Zoning map

The Planning and Zoning Board meets the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public and are subject to change.