Department History

Bailey_RoadThe North Lauderdale Fire Rescue Department enjoys a rich history, marked byBailey Road tradition, transformation, and innovation; making it one of the most respected departments in Broward County today.

In 1963, when North Lauderdale was incorporated, the city was 90 percent farmland. The handful of residents who had begun to call it home shared fire services with its neighboring city to the north, Margate, and the Bailey Road Volunteer Fire Department, to the southeast in an area of Unincorporated Broward County. Ten years later, city officials authorized a North Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department with a station located on the major thoroughfare Rock Island Road.

The Broward County Emergency Medical Services Department (BCEMS) was created in 1974, adding two paramedics to North Lauderdale, and continued service through 1996. Duty paramedics at the time would respond to medical emergencies and transport patients using private ambulance services.

By 1978, the volunteer association became a fully-functioning paid department with a fire chief and three members.

The city grew exponentially over the next few years; in 1980, the department hired six new firefighters and supplemented with 10 public safety officers. From 1981-2002 Broward County Fire Department ran calls for the residents of Broadview/Pompano Park area. In 1991 work began on Station 44, which is ideally located in the middle of the city. South Florida was booming at this time, and so did the demand for fire services. In 1996, North Lauderdale hired its own firefighter/paramedics establishing its first fire rescue transport and EMS service. To continue strengthening their skills, the department hosted an in-house paramedic school in 1997 dually qualifying its members as firefighter/paramedics. The North Lauderdale Fire Department became it's own full-service Fire/EMS department in 2002 and to further enhance services to the growing population, North Lauderdale established mutual aid agreements with Broward County and adjacent cities. These now well-established partnerships are an integral part of response capabilities for our residents as well as residents throughout the county.


The Bailey Road Volunteer Fire Department (1958 - 1981) continued rendering assistance to residents in the NLFDBroadview/Pompano Park neighborhood, part of Unincorporated Broward County, until annexation. The annexation in 2004 brought the city an additional 12,000 number of residents, the busy State Road 7 corridor, and a brand new fire station.

The city broke ground on Station 34 in 2007 in order to best respond to incidents on the east side of the city. The state-of-art building was finished in 2008 and rightfully bears the namesake of the city’s first City Clerk, Milli-Dyer Romano.

Today, the North Lauderdale Fire Department boasts more than 40 dually qualified firefighter/paramedics and a full complement of apparatus’s ready to respond to a broad assortment of calls.

Crews remain proficient and on the cutting edge of new skills or equipment by being active participants in the Broward County Fire Chief’s Association, the Broward County EMS Council, competing in EMS competitions around the state, teaching at the local fire academies as well as mentoring high school students through the Fire Explorers program.