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January KDO
MLK DAY 2021
Valentines 5k
February KDO

After School Program
Swimming Lessons 2020
Yard Sale 2020
Leap Year 5K
Finishing DerbyMLK Day
Holiday Paraded
Winters Camp
November Camps

Sickle Cell Walk 19
Ceremony and Wreath Laying
Kids Day Off 9/2019
9/11 5K Run
Senior Fun Club 19
After School Program 20
TOT Club
Mayor's Chess
Summer Swim Lessons
April Kids Day Off
April Pools Day
North Lauderdale Days
Egg Hunt
Spring Camp
Fishing Derby
MSD Remembrance
Mayor's Chess Challenge
Community Yard Sale
Kids Day Off Camp
Holiday Food Drive
Santa Letters
Book Fair
Holiday Parade
After School Program
Swimming Lessons
Swimmers Wanted

Summer Camp 2021

Movie Nights
January Movie Night
February Movie Night
March Movie Night
October Movie Night

Youth Soccer 2020
Youth Soccer 2019
Youth Basketball 2019
Youth Baseball 2019
Pre-Season Youth Soccer Camp 2018