Canal Maintenance

The Canal Maintenance Division is responsible for keeping the City's waterways and lakes free of debris and aquatic plants. The division has developed a schedule, and a system to control the spread of aquatic plants. The employees of this division use mechanical, biological, and chemical means to keep the waterways and canals free from aquatic plants and trash. In 2011, the City purchased a weed harvester to help cut, gather and dispose of aquatic plants.

The employees use the mechanical means to remove trash and debris from the waterways and lakes. Chemical means are used to control the growth and spreading of aquatic plants. Triploid grass carp, introduced into the waterways and lakes throughout the city, are the biological means of maintaining the water. The triploid grass carp feed off the submersed aquatic plants and help keep the amount under control. By using these 3 (three) methods, the appearance and effectiveness of the waterway system can benefit greatly.