Street Maintenance

The City of North Lauderdale is responsible for repairs and improvements of public streets such as pothole patching, paving and grading of unimproved streets and alleys, curb and gutter repairs as well general maintenance tasks.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for the service and maintenance of all City owned vehicles and small equipment. The City maintains and services approximately 118 vehicles including dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and buses. The division also fabricates and mounts their own cranes and winches to City vehicles.

The division also repairs and maintains over 400 pieces of small equipment, which include gas trimmers, lawnmowers, hedgers, chain saws, blowers, rollers, rollers, lawn tractors, club carts, infield machines, and pressure cleaners. Employees maintain all of the city's emergency generators, pumps, and equipment which are needed for any emergencies or hurricane that may strike the area. Additionally, this division is responsible for towing contract for the city and maintains the fuel management system.