Bulk Yard Waste

  • Bulk/Yard Waste includes all types of palm fronds and any vegetative materials resulting from routine yard and landscaping maintenance of your yard. Branches, limbs and other bulky items shall be picked up when tied in bundles which DO NOT exceed (5) five feet in length and which weighs less than forty pounds.

  • Bulk items include domestic appliances, furniture and any other similar items including materials from minor home repairs.

  • Bulk/Yard Waste DOES NOT include items that are generated by hired contractors INCLUDING CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS and or tree trimmers or tree surgeons and landscape services. Construction materials consist of roofing materials, tile, concrete, bricks and stones. Automotive body parts, engines, transmissions, batteries, tires, used oil, insecticides, chemicals and other hazardous wastes will also NOT be collected (See Hazardous Waste for disposal info).

  • Please place all bulky/yard items neatly at the curb (3) THREE FEET FROM THE CARTS for quick and easy collection no more than 48 hours prior to your schedule service day.

  • For Multi-Family, bulk waste generated from within the unit(s) will be collected. Bulk waste generated from property is NOT accepted.

  • Arrangements to pick up appliances must be coordinated with Waste Pro. Doors MUST be removed from the appliances before the appliance can be picked up. For refrigerator disposal, the compressor located at the rear of the unit MUST be removed. Also, any household appliance containing Freon (chlorofluorocarbons) must be certified FREE of Freon in order to be picked up at no cost. Units uncertified and documented as purged of Freon gas can be picked up for a $25 fee. As per federal law, Waste Pro incurs a $25 disposal fee for any units that are not purged of their Freon gas.