Residential Garbage

All single family residents will receive a green 96 gallon garbage cart which will be serviced (2) two times per week. Please place all household garbage in your 96 gallon cart and place the cart at curbside on collection day. Other guidelines to follow:
  • Place your gray/black 96-gallon garbage cart for collection within five (5) feet of the street by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled pick up days. It is important to always have the cart facing the street (i.e. the handles are located on the cart side closest to you residence.
  • All garbage items placed in the carts should not extend above the rim of the cart.
  •  All household garbage that does not fit in your 96-gallon cart must be placed in your garbage cart on your next scheduled pick up day.
  • Paper bags, cardboard boxes, recycling bins and oil drums cannot be used as garbage containers. You must use the cart.
  • If you have small bulk and or yard waste items that can fit inside your garbage cart, you can place those items inside your garbage cart for collection on your regular garbage pick-up day.
  • The collection of mirrors, glass table tops, window panes, plate glass, etc., will not be picked up unless they are properly and safely placed in a rigid container.
  • Carts should not be placed by mailbox, vehicles, mail boxes, utility poles or fencing hindering the trucks ability to lift and dispose of its contents.
  • City code states that garbage carts shall not be set out earlier than 6:00 p.m. the day before pick up. Empty carts must be removed from the curb by 6:00 p.m. on collection day.
  • Construction and demolition materials will NOT be picked up.
  • Please click here  for a map of your service area (PDF).
If you experience a “missed pickup” on your collection day, or have any questions please call the Waste Pro Customer Service Center at (954) 282-6800 or residents can simply go onto the Waste Pro Trac-EZ web site click here and enter your issue. Trac-EZ will send the field supervisor a smart phone message and he/she will promptly address the missed pick up. You will be able to follow/monitor the progress of your request on line through Trac-EZ.