How to Read Your Water Meter

The City of North Lauderdale reads your water meter every month, unless it is not accessible or obstructed.  You can read the meter to:

     • Confirm the reading on your bill
     • Monitor your water use
     • Perform a simple check for water leaks

Locating your meter:

Although some customers have water meters located on the side or rear of their properties, most water meters are in front of the home either near the sidewalk or the swale area between two neighboring properties. Water meters are usually installed underground in meter boxes with concrete, plastic or metal covers.

Breakdown of the water meter:
Most of the City of North Lauderdale meters look like the one pictured below.

The dials will move only when water passes through the meter.

The odometer records total water use in a similar way as the odometer in your car records miles driven. Meter reads left to right. The odometer does not move if water is not moving through it. We only read the black numbers with the white background. We do not read the white numbers with the black background.

Checking for a leak:
To check for a leak, first, make sure no one is using water at the property. Next, go to the meter and see if the dial is moving. If there is movement, it is an indication there may be a leak somewhere. If the dial is not moving, there is no water usage being registered at that time. If you have an irrigation line, this does not indicate that there is not a leak in the irrigation system after the timer. If you are unsure or unable to do these procedures, you may want to contact a professional for assistance.

Meter Diagram

Example of how to read your meter and how we bill for usage:

Let’s say your meter is read on January 1st and the meter read is 31,000 (see meter register sample, below). This shows that since the meter was installed, 31,000 gallons have gone through this meter. Next, assume on February 1st the meter is read and the meter now reads 37,000. The usage between January 1st and February 1st would be 6,000 gallons {37,000 – 31,000}.  Therefore, we would bill you for 6,000 gallons divided by 1,000 which means your bill would show usage of 6.

Water Meter 2